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All CHF student-athletes should click on the registration link on the left to begin the registration process within the CHF’s AAU registration portal.

Each student-athlete will first select the Conference in which they participate. Student-Athletes will then be prompted to either create a new account login,  if they are new to the CHF and the AAU, or use their log-in credentials from last season. 

Once logged in, student-athletes should begin to enter the required “Player Information” completely and accurately.

At the end of the “Player Information” section, student-athletes will be required to select their appropriate hockey program from the drop-down menu. It will be important for student-athletes whose organizations have multiple teams, to be careful with their selection to ensure that they correctly select the team that they will be rostered on.

* Student-Athletes will be asked to enter their jersey numbers. If you do not know what number you will be wearing, please enter 0. Team administration will have the ability to modify this information in GameSheeet at a later date.

Student-Athletes will then move on to the “Player Eligibility “section. By digitally signing in the box, student-athletes are granting the CHF Administration the right to view and review personal academic information.

* Student-Athletes will need to upload a digital copy of their unofficial transcripts in pdf. format.

* First-year student-athletes (Freshman) will need to upload a digital copy of their first-semester schedule in place of the transcript.

** Student-Athletes should have this file available prior to beginning the registration form.

Following the completion of the “Player Eligibility “section, student-athletes will complete the “AAU Compliance” section, digitally sign the document, and move on to submission.

Upon completion, student-athletes will receive confirmation of their registration via a completion screen. Student-Athlete information will automatically be uploaded to our GameSheet Scoring Platform, upon submission here.

If any student-athlete encounters any issues or has any questions during their registration process, they should notify their team administration immediately.