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CHF FEDERATION CUP National  Tournament general information


FEDERATION CUP COACHES MEETING - The CHF National Tournament Coaches Meeting will take place at the Iceline (Enter through Marquee at rink 1, the room is on the right) in West Chester following the last practice at 8:00 on March 17. All teams must have representation at this meeting.

Tournament Schedule There are 16 games a day for the three days of pool play. It is extremely important that we start games on time as much as possible. There will be CHF Supervisors on each rink to keep things moving.  The Game Protocols are in this document. Please go over them with your players know the expectations.

** TEAMS are encouraged to arrive early for all practice and game slots.

 ACCESS: ICE LINE FROM THE PARKING LOT - All players, coaches,   etc. should enter through the main doors only. Players and coaches only will have access to locker room hallways, and trainers’ area.  All spectators and guests are restricted to the lobby/snack bar area as well as viewing around the rink and on the concourse.

All players, coaches, etc. should enter through the front doors only. This rink has more “open” access to locker room areas, and we ask that the coaches keep all non-playing personnel away from the locker room areas.

ATHLETIC TRAINING ROOM - The primary athletic training room will be in the locker room area.   This area can also be used by the teams’ Athletic Trainers.  Please note that the trainers hired by the CHF are in the arena to assist with immediate injuries.  They are not there to tape and build padding for injuries that occurred prior to that day’s game.

  Chester County Hospital
  701 E. Marshall St., West Chester, Pa 19380 610-431-5000


BUS PARKING & DROP OFF - The arena has a front driveway for drop-off, but if it is blocked due to traffic the buses can also drop off on the side of the building. Once the drop-off is complete, please park the bus in the side lot or designated bus parking lot spaces.
Please list the bus drivers’ names with the tournament staff. 

FED CUP HOSPITALITY ROOM - The Hospitality Room is for all coaches and staff. It is located on the lower level between rinks 2 and 3.  This is where scoresheets (tablets) will be before and after games.

CHF FED CUP TOURNAMENT HEADQUARTERS - The CHF Headquarters will be a room off the corridor leading to the entrance to Rink 1.  This will always be manned by a CHF Commissioner.  This is where the iPads will be for coaches to update their rosters prior to games. There will be a constant tabulation of results and standings by the door.
FEDERATION CUP TICKET PRICING – Passes for all games will be $65 at the door and $60 online.  Daily tickets are available for $25 at the door
CHF FED CUP STREAMING EXCLUSIVITY  - Games will be available through Black Dog Hockey.  An all-tournament pass is available for $49.99 and daily passes are $9.99. 
** Due to our contractual exclusivity agreement with Black Dog Hockey, the CHF for the Federation Cup, and the streaming of games will not be permitted by individuals or on behalf of any team via an alternative medium (e.g., YouTube, HockeyTV, Facebook Live, etc.).
ALL MEDIA REQUESTS - All media requests must be in advance of the tournament and must go through the Director of Hockey Operations, Jon LaRochester. Any abuse of an issued press pass may result in revocation of press privileges.
Tournament Programs will be in digital format and accessible on the CHF website ( as well as via a QR code on-site at the arena.