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LOCKER ROOM ASSIGNMENTS - Each team will be assigned a locker room for their designated games and must clear that locker room following the game. Locker room assignments will be handled by the front desk personnel and all rink rules must be followed.
Spectators and family members are not permitted in the hallways leading to the locker rooms at any time:  This area is reserved for teams, accompanying staff (coaches, managers, athletic trainers, sports medicine, sports information), and tournament personnel. Access to locker rooms will be by credential only.  Lockers are not available in any locker room. Keep all valuables in your respective hotel rooms for safekeeping.
** Please be courteous and leave your locker rooms cleaner than you found them and ready for the next team to use.  The commissioners are very expensive locker room attendants.  Fines will be assessed if they need to be cleaned between games. If you are issued a locker game and upon arrival notice, it is not cleaned, you need to contact a CHF Supervisors immediately or you will be liable.
** All final 8 teams will receive locker rooms to keep their equipment for the weekend.
Teams will be checked in on Thursday, March 17th prior to their respective practice time.  Each player must show their school ID as well as a government ID.
All members of the official team party (players, coaches, trainers, team manager only), which is defined by the CHF up to 35 members who are issued credentials.
** If a team is looking for additional credentials, the request must go through The Director of Hockey Operations.
Only coaches and players are permitted in the bench area during competition. When teams and staff are not participating in their scheduled games, they are permitted to attend any other games being played.  All players must enter through the main gate and present their credentials. Players will not be allowed into the facility without proper credentials. This policy will be strictly enforced.  
** Abuse of the team credentials will not be taken lightly. Any abuse can result in revocation of the pass.
In Fed Cup play, student-athletes on a member team must have identical jerseys and socks with each player having a unique number prominently displayed on the back of the jersey.
Pucks will be provided for all practices, pre-game warm-ups, and games. 
The on-ice officiating system will be the four-man system, consisting of 2 referees and 2 linesmen.  Off-ice officials will be at the scorer’s and the penalty boxes.  Any abuse of on or off-ice officials will not be tolerated. 
It is our hope and expectation that this will be the finest run tournament you and your players have ever experienced.  For this to occur, all parties must work together with understanding and flexibility. 
We know that this is an emotionally charged game and a national championship only adds to that.  We will have supervisors at each rink letting teams and officials know what is happening and when.
Games will not be moved up if games finish early.  Spectators expect the games to be on-time and we need to honor that.  Games may be delayed due to several reasons, but we will do all we can to keep things moving as expected.
The times listed display both the game start times, and the start time of warm-up.  We have allotted 3 hours for each game.  Please plan to arrive at the Ice Line facility at least 90 minutes before your game time.  This will give the players plenty of time to stretch and go through their pre-game routines and coaches time to drop by the CHF offices to discuss any developments that have occurred during previous games that may affect their game. This will give Head Coaches time to adjust your roster prior to warm-ups.  If there is a last-minute roster change, this is not a problem but people need to be aware of this so it can be done before the puck drops to start the game.  It is the coaches’ responsibility to set the roster.  Please don’t delegate this task to a player or manager.
A.  Unless otherwise specified in these Policies and Procedures, in case of tie games at the end of regulation time, ten-minute, overtime shall be played in all preliminary games.
B.  Teams are awarded 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, zero points for a loss, including games requiring overtime. There are no points awarded to a team for a loss in overtime.
C.  In the event of ties in records in tournament competition, the higher standings will be determined by
1. head-to-head competition
2. number of wins
3. Fewest goals against in all tournament games
4. Goal differential in all tournament games.
5. Fewest penalty minutes.
6. Most periods won in Pool play, determined by plus-minus in goals.
7. Quickest goal recorded on the score sheet in Pool play.
     8. Single coin flip by the Commissioner.
D.  In cases where multiple teams are tied at the end of pool play, all teams proceed through the tiebreaker list, and the calculation of tiebreakers does not restart as teams are eliminated.
E.   Player Disqualification Penalties – Should a player receive a disqualification penalty he will be disqualified for the remainder of the tournament. If a player should get a disqualification penalty in his final game of the tournament, he will serve the disqualification (s) from his first game (s) next year. If it is his last game prior to graduation the team will be fined $100.
The first and second All-Tournament Teams will be recognized following the Championship Game. 
** Home Team in all games will wear white or light-colored jerseys.
Put 45 minutes on the clock and start exactly 45 minutes before game puck drop time (if possible). Eligible players and starting lineups must be submitted to Tournament Staff prior to warm-up.
40:00 – Zamboni cleans ice if not cleaned already.
30:00 – Officials take the ice for warm-up.
29:00 – Home Team takes the ice for warm-up.
28:50 – Visiting Team takes the ice for warm-up.
18:00 – Horn sounds signaling 1-minute remaining in warm-up; team captains meet with the officials.
17:00 – Both teams go off ice; ice is resurfaced.
  6:00 – Officials take the ice.
  5:00 – Home Team takes the ice and assembles on their goal line.
  4:50 – Visiting Team takes the ice and assembles on their goal line.
  4:00 – Visiting Team is announced – starters (with exception of the goalie) skate to their own blue line. Once the last player is skating toward the blue line, the remaining players will skate to the blue line.
  3:00 – Home Team is announced – starters (with exception of the goalie) skate to their own blue line. Once the last player is skating toward the blue line, the remaining players will skate to the blue line.
  2:00 – National Anthem is played
  0:00 – Timekeeper puts 20:00 on the clock game starts.
The timekeeper puts 15:00 on the clock and starts once all players have exited the ice.
4:00 – Team and officials are notified that three minutes remain before teams are to take the ice.
2:00 – Officials take the ice
1:00 – Home team takes the ice.
0:50 – Visiting team takes the ice
0:00 – Period starts.
Any infractions of this protocol may result in a Bench Minor 2:00 Delay of Game Penalty.
In the event of overtime, there will be an ice resurface after the 3rd period (prior to the 10-minute sudden-death overtime.  A full complement of six players per side is permitted on the ice. Goalies will switch ends for the overtime period. The overtime period will be for 10-minutes. If no winner, the game will end in a tie.
In the event of overtime, there will be an ice resurface and sudden death overtime will be played. A full complement of six players per side is permitted on the ice. All semi-final and championship overtime periods are 20-minutes. Goalies will switch ends for period four. If still tied, the ice will be resurfaced again, goalies switch ends, and teams will continue using a full complement of six players per side for a 20-minute sudden-death period. This will continue until there is a winner.
  • All penalties carry into overtime.
  • No shootouts.
  • Teams will be allowed 1 timeout per team for the duration of OT regardless of how many OT periods are played. Timeouts not used during regulation play do not carry over.
  • Requests for on-ice equipment inspection/measurement “will not” be permitted, except stick measurement as that is permitted.
  • Instruct teams to contact CHF (off-ice) supervisor/commissioner for equipment concerns.
** If games run longer than expected, decisions will be made by the rink supervisor whether we move right to warm-ups for the next game or take 15 minutes at the end of the game to dry cut the ice prior to warm-ups, followed by an ice cut before the start of the next game.